Natural History Museum

Universalmuseum Joanneum

Wild cats, birds in flight, strange plants, mysterious fossils… All this and much more of the amazing diversity offered by our planet is on show at the recently re-designed Natural History Museum. All of the natural science departments at the Universalmuseum Joanneum are combined at this site, making for some fascinating and exciting exhibitions. Look back across 400 million years of geological history in Styria and on the extraordinary evolution of diverse creatures.

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday & public holidays: 10 am - 6 pm

Open during normal opening times on the following special days or public holidays: 01.04.2024, 01.05.2024, 09.05.2024, 20.05.2024, 30.05.2024, 15.08.2024, 26.10.2024, 01.11.2024, 08.12.2024, 26.12.2024, 31.12.2024

Closed on the following special days or public holidays: 24.12.2024, 25.12.2024 

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Natural History Museum
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