Sights – Top 10 of Graz

Sightseeing Tipps for your stay in Graz

These sights are „must-sees“ during your stay in Graz. Discover our Top 10 sights in the Capital of Delight and drive with the Schlossbergbahn or the elevator up to the Schlossberg.

Have a look at the cathedral of Graz or the Mausoleum nearby, too, before you can get up to the Burg & Double Spiral Staircase that is located on the opposite side. Furthermore, you can delve into the Landeszeughaus armoury of Graz, which is fairly close the to the Glockenspiel.

Take the Tram Number 1 in order to reach the stunning Eggenberg Castle that accommodates not only lots of museums, but also a magnificent park.

Our tips for your stay in Graz

Discover the second largest city in Austria