Graz fairy tale train

Welcome in the Mountain of Stories

Many fairy tales can be discovered in the tunnels within the Schlossberg - castle hill in Graz. Just get onboard and ride along – on a half-hour trip away from real life into the kingdom of fairy tales and fantasy.

The 30-minute ride “IN THE MOUNTAIN OF STORIES” welcomes you full of wonderful fairytale worlds and enchanting sounds! With a trusted storyteller in your ear, beautiful imagery in your eyes and golden torches on board, maybe some of the following wondrous questions can be answered? Where are all the stories when they are not being told? Are the clocks really different in fairy tales? Where do you go from platform 9 3/4? How do you wake a giant? How do you open a treasure cave? How do you make magic lamps talk, stones glow and a hedge of thorns bloom? Can you be under water and dry at the same time? What do robbers dream of? And: Which of your stories are just waiting to be told?

Ideal for all young and old visitors to Graz from the age of four. Please note that during the ride parts of the tunnel are dark and some (even older) children could get scared. Please consider whether your child is old enough for a ride.

The temperature in the hill is between 8 an 12°C all year round; we therefore recommend suitable clothing.

Opening hours:

September to June: Monday – Sunday I Trips every half and full hour.
First trip at 10.30 am, last trip at 5 pm

July and August: Monday – Sunday I Trips every half and full hour.
First trip at 9.30 am, last trip at 6 pm

Graz Fairy Tale Train | © GMB - Harry Schiffer

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Graz fairy tale train
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