Leisure activities in Graz

Sports and recreation

A run in the morning, followed by a few laps at the public pool and an evening hike up one of the city’s seven summits – Graz is a hotspot for sports enthusiasts. If you prefer a more relaxed start to the day, we recommend a yoga session or a leisurely stroll through one of the city’s many parks and gardens.

In the surrounding region, there are even more great activities and attractions waiting for adventure-loving visitors. For instance, how about a visit to Piber stud farm, Therme Nova spa or one of the villages of the Steirische Rucksackdörfer region? The best thing about it: It only takes ten minutes to get from the city centre to the surrounding region!

You can do practically any sport in Graz – and reward yourself with some delicious regional treats afterwards. Whether it’s during a hike, a bike ride or a relaxed picnic at the park – in the Capital of Delight you’re never far from the next culinary hotspot.

Walks through historic and modern Graz
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Burggarten Graz | © Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer

city’s parks and gardens

Discover the variety

The leisure activities offered at the city’s many parks and gardens are almost as varied as the plants and flowers there. There is plenty of space on the meadows to spread your picnic blanket and enjoy the treats you bought at the local farmers’ market, while your kids explore the nearby playground.

Discover the city’s parks and gardens
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Cycling in Graz

Graz offers plenty of cycling trails and routes, in the city centre as well as in the surrounding region. You can choose from a whopping 13 main cycling routes running along both sides of the river Mur. What’s more, the popular Mur Cycle Path passes right through the Capital of Delight.

Discover cycling routes in and around Graz
Couple is hiking at the Schöckl | © Graz Tourismus

Visit Graz for hiking, climbing or running

Fans of hiking will love the city of Graz. It offers numerous hiking trails, ranging from easy to challenging. Right in the city centre, you can climb Schlossberg hill. If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, there are many other summits in and around the city to be tackled, for instance the Fürstenstand, Platte or Schöckl.

Walking & hiking
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Other leisure activities in Graz

Are you a pleasure-seeker, a sports enthusiast or an arts and culture lover – or all of the above? Fortunately, the leisure activities of Graz are just as varied as the individual preferences of its guests. Cycling, running, hiking, beach volleyball – Graz has it all. In summer, the latter can be done at various outdoor courts and public swimming pools. If you prefer golf, you can also find a number of golf courses in and around the city.

Discover even more leisure activities