Shopping in Graz

Amble through the Capital of Delight and shop to your heart’s content

Shops for every taste – and a pleasurable ambiance. Locals and guests alike love to stroll through the streets of Graz, go window shopping and hunt for bargains.

The shops and boutiques in Graz are like a wardrobe – a mixed assortment of colourful clothes. Casual outfits for the city stroll share a coat hanger with elegant robes for the evening gala. Affordable second-hand accessories can be had next to expensive jewellery, and traditional costumes compete for attention with flashy designer fashion. Raise the curtain for a shopping experience à la Graz and discover further its markets and other useful tips for a shopping day in Graz!

Shopping in Graz | © Graz Tourismus
Inside the Grazer city | © Janet Newenham - Journalist On The Run

A stroll and some shopping

Ready, set, shop! Both Jakominiplatz and Hauptplatz square are great starting points for an inner-city shopping spree. The city’s main shopping streets, with Herrengasse being the most famous of them, boast a charming mixture of inviting shops, impressive buildings and charming restaurants.

Discover the inner-city shopping streets of Graz
Lendviertel | © Janet Newenham - Journalist On The Run

A stroll and some shopping

Lend district, Annenviertel und Gries district

Another part of the city that’s popular with creatives is Lend district. With numerous design shops having emerged there in recent years, the area surrounding Lendplatz and Mariahilferstraße is an excellent place to shop for unusual, unique and quirky products. 
The vibrancy and variety of this part of the city is like no other, with clubs, design shops and the  farmers’ market making up a unique mixture.
At Annenviertel district, nothing’s impossible. Annenstraße connects the central train station with the city centre.
Thanks to its location right at the former trade route between Vienna and Trieste, many shops can traditionally be found at Gries district. Today, the area is characterised by a great cultural and culinary variety, ranging from the pub next door to the local kebab shop.

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A stroll and some shopping


The “Franciscan quarter” also called (“Calf’s quarter”) owes its name to a cattle market that used to be located near the river Mur up until the late Middle Ages. The district reaches from Hauptplatz square via Neue Welt Gasse up to Franziskanerplatz square. In this area, small shops are nestled along the walls of the Franciscan monastery, interspersed with the outdoor areas of local restaurants.

Shopping in Graz | © Janet Newenham - Journalist On The Run

A stroll and some shopping

Jakomini district

There’s always something going on at Graz’s Jakomini district. In recent years, the area has been populated by a crowd of creatives, adding to the district’s charm with their innovative ideas and products.

Karl Franzen university Graz | © Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer

A stroll and some shopping

The University District

The University District is populated by a young student crowd. The area surrounding Karl Franzens University is buzzing with trendy coffee shops and veggie restaurants. The shops there are just as varied, ranging from health-food shops to cool galleries.   

This is where people eat and celebrate in the university district

Shopping in the city center

How long are the shops open in Graz?

The shops in Graz city center are generally open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, sometimes only until 12 pm. A few shops close during the lunch break. Grocery stores often open before 8 am and close at 7 pm. But don't worry, there are a number of shops in Graz that are also open in the evenings, on Sundays or on public holidays.

Kastner & Öhler in Graz | © Graz Tourismus - Toni Muhr


Everything under one roof

The shopping malls in Graz offer their customers all the comfort:  Shopping, events, international gastronomy, child care are just some of the services offered. Good accessibility by public transport and free parking are a matter of course. This makes shopping even more fun.

Shopping malls in Graz