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YIN GIN Lassnitzhöhe

professionally-led gin tastings at Stefan Liebmann’s gin bar

Yin Gin | © Region Graz - Harry Schiffer

The restaurateur Stefan Liebmann from Laßnitzhöhe discovered his love of gin when he was a student – back in Styria, he turned his passion into a profession and, in the Hotel Liebmann, opened the largest gin bar in Styria. In 2016, after a lot of tinkering and trial and error, he finally rolled out his own premium gin, YIN GIN, which was inspired by his time studying in Innsbruck and Thailand. At Stefan Liebmann’s gin bar, you can try a wide variety of gins from all over the world in professionally-led gin tastings during which you’ll learn everything there is to know about the history and how the drink is made. Stefan Liebmann’s gin bar is also ideally suited as a comfortable environment for a post-work drink, Christmas party and seminar guests!