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Minigolf Köflach

Minigolf fun on 2500m² with 18 holes, in Köflach.

This course has 18 holes that include varying degrees of difficulty and obstacles.

Club history:
In 1974, the MGC Köflach was founded by Günther Gobetz. At that time, the course was built in Köflach's Piberstraße by the members themselves. In 1990 the miniature golf course had to make way for a public car park and was moved to the AHS Köflach.
In 2002 it was relocated again / a thermal spa project needed space.

Miniature Golf Köflach | © MGC Köflach - Hans Jürgen Bauer


Minigolf Köflach
Piberstraße 7a, 8580 Köflach
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