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Gundi's shop

Small shop with a great assortment in St. Radegund.

Gundis Laden | © Region Graz - Mias Photoart

During the week, the fields are tilled, sown, nurtured and harvested. Every Friday and Saturday, Michele and Jason Nunn offer in Gundi's shop what grows in the fields and what real high-quality products are available in the region: Vegetables and fruit, young plants, herbs, freshly squeezed juices, fermented products (Kimchi&Co), baked, smoked, brewed and distilled products, fish and much more.

But who actually is Gundi? The name is a charming kind of declaration of love to St. Radegund.

Highly recommended: A healthy snack for the next bike tour! Either take it with you or make a stop at Gundi's shop.


Gundi's shop
Hauptstraße 18, 8061 St. Radegund
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