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Farm Shop König Farm

A true family run farm

Farmyard König  | © Bauernhof König-Familie König

The farm from family König (vulgo Teichböck) is located five minutes away from the monastery Rein, in the middle of greenery. Here animals and humans live together. What the animals give to man is carefully refined here over several generations. König specialties include fresh meat and refined beef and pork, fresh farmhouse bread and pastries.  On request, the farm door is also opened for small and large guests to visit and school on the farm. 

The family farm puts experience and a lot of heart and soul into its homemade products. The love and joy with which the work is done on the farm, in the barn and in the field, you can also taste here. In addition to the farm store, the products are also offered in selected gourmet and farm stores.


Bauernhof König
Meierhof 22, 8112 Gratwein-Strassengel
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