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Peggau fairytale trail

A lovely encounter with nature!

You can find out more about the secret of life on the fairytale trail in Peggau. Once upon a time there was a big, beautiful bear called Peggi. After sleeping for centuries, she wakes up and sets off on the fairytale trail in Peggau. With a booklet that tells the story, you set off to explore the idyllic hiking trail and immerse yourself in nature.

Past striking rock faces, rustic forest sections, the impressive waterfall, at the foot of the still inhabited castle ruins to the Marienbründl, you pass special places that invite you to read the fairy tale on the spot. The secret of life and nature are waiting to be discovered, which is why there are no information boards along the way. The booklet is available at all restaurants and petrol stations in Peggau for a fee. Information and start at the Lurgrotte Peggau.





Über A9 oder S35 bis nach Peggau.
First, we recommend a guided tour through Austria's largest stalactite cave with water flowing through it. On the approximately 2 km long exploration tour through the cave, you will see many stalactites and stalagmites, an impressive mountain bear, an elder bush that grows slowly even without daylight and many, many bats.

Start reading the first 3 chapters of the fairy tale at the playground near the stream bank.

Ideally, you should then set off by bike to get to the Peggau hiking trail. Follow Brucker Straße, past the train station and the municipal office in Peggau to the traffic circle. From here, continue left along Karl Thomann Straße. At the junction with Hinterbergstraße, turn left again until you reach the junction with Alte Landstraße. At the edge of the forest, you will now also see markings for the hiking trail, which you follow.

The secret of life and nature are waiting to be discovered, which is why there are no information boards along the way. Chapter by chapter and place by place, you now explore the fairytale trail. The places can be found with the help of the drawings in the accompanying booklet.

The fairy tale ends at Marienbründl. Now you return to the starting point via local roads. Restaurants in the town center invite you to stop for refreshments, because a fairytale adventure like this makes you really hungry!

It is recommended to read the story directly on site!
Mit der S1 von Graz oder Bruck/Mur bis Deutschfeistritz-Peggau.

Am Bahnhof Peggau befindet sich ein Park& Ride Parkplatz.

Weitere Parkplätze befinden sich bei der Lurgrotte Peggau oder beim Spielplatz in Hinterberg

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