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Andritz circular route

Meditative circular walk in the north of Graz: starting from Andritz’ Hauptplatz, past the Buddhist stupa to St. Ulrichsbrunn church.

On the northern outskirts of Graz, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the practices and traditions of Buddhism. As a prominent landmark, the Peace Stupa cannot be missed on this circuit.


The place where the Ulrichskirche and the Ulrichsquell are located at the end of the circular route also exudes a great sense of peace and tranquility. The perfect place to recharge your batteries.





It is recommended to arrive by public transport! 

Arrival by car: 

Via the A2 or A9 freeway you can get directly to the provincial capital Graz.

From the Graz Region Tourist Information, head to Hauptplatz and take tram line 3 or 5 towards Andritz to the end of the line. Once there, start your hike past the wayside shrine on the right into Andritzer Reichsstraße. After the police station, turn left into Zelinkagasse. After a few minutes you cross a small bridge and come to Radegunder Straße. This is where Pfeiff erhofweg starts, stay on this now. The asphalted, slightly uphill path leads through residential areas into the forest, where a high plateau opens up after a short while. If you follow the signs to house numbers 92–94, you will reach the Buddhist Centre with the wisdom stupa, a peace monument that stands for dialogue between religions and humanity. Back on Pfeiff erhofweg, walk to the fork in the road with the chapel, where you turn right and reach “Pfeiff erhof” (the “Schule im Pfeiff erhof” is located here now). Pfeiff erhofweg then leads into Oberer Plattenweg, which passes “Gasthaus Stoff bauer” with its idyllic beer garden and traditional cuisine (tip: try the fried chicken!). Then turn right into Saumgasse and follow this past “Gasthof Kreuzwirt” until the end, where you turn right into Viktor-Zack-Weg. Shortly after, Reinerweg branches off to the left, which you follow until a non-asphalted path leads to the right. After house number 2, some steps lead steeply down into the forest (with prams continue on Viktor-Zack-Weg, then turn sharp left into Ulrichsweg, from there you get back to Ulrichsbrunn) to St. Ulrich’s church, which is known for the its grotto shrine to the Virgin Mary with the Ulrich spring. It is named after the aristocratic Ulrich the Pious (9 AD), who was consecrated Bishop of Augsburg at the age of 33. In 1917–1921, the Graz priest Josef Berghold built the Ulrichsbrunn grotto, modelled on the Lourdes grotto (FRA). Take Ulrichsweg to get back to Andritzer Reichsstraße. Follow this past the Stukitzbad outdoor swimming pool back to Andritz’ Hauptplatz.
Buddhist Center; Ulrich Church
Getting there: Tram line 3 or 5 from Hauptplatz to the last stop Getting back: Tram line 3 or 5 from Hauptplatz in Andritz

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  • Buddhistisches Zentrum
  • Ulrichskirche

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