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Senses hike: Rettenbach - Mariatrost

Loud splashing, wonderfully fragrant Christmas trees, colourful orchards and a sensational view. From Rettenbachklamm gorge via Stephanienwarte to Mariatrost, there is a lot to discover!

Attention: The Rettenbachklamm is closed until probably 01.05.2023 due to damage to the climbing system!

Especially on hot summer days, a detour to the Rettenbachklamm gorge is recommended. The shady and cool path is a blessing and there is plenty to discover in the small pools and streams. Once you have crossed the gorge, you follow the path through orchards up to the Stephanienwarte. The observation tower, which is named after the wife of Crown Prince Rudolph, Stephanie of Belgium, was opened in 1880 and can be seen as a counterpart to the Rudolfswarte on the Buchkogel.





It is recommended to arrive by public transport!

Arrival by car: Via the A2 or A9 freeway you can get directly to the provincial capital Graz.

Tram line 1 takes you from Hauptplatz towards Mariatrost. Arriving at the Waldhof/Rettenbachklamm stop, cross Mariatrosterstraße and then follow the sign through Steingrabenweg towards the gorge. Even though Rettenbachklamm gorge is not an overly demanding hiking trail that can be easily mastered by children of (pre-)school age, you still need good shoes and surefootedness, because depending on the weather it can be quite slippery. The babbling of the Rettenbach, which can sometimes turn into a loud roar, accompanies you along the path over hill and dale. In the summer heat, your feet will enjoy a refreshing cooling down in the water. Once you reach the end of the gorge, you come to a fl at forest area and follow the signs towards Stephanienwarte/Platte. The trail climbs along a horse paddock up to the Pölzer family’s idyllic orchard. It almost feels Mediterranean here. The chirping of crickets, a gentle breeze and the country estate where a variety of wonderful fruit thrives. The Christmas tree farm’s scent of pine needles is another highlight for the senses. When you reach the top of the road, you have to take a deep breath, because now the rather steep climb up through the forest towards “Stephanienwarte” begins. Feel free to rely on the markings on the trees! The strenuous walk is rewarded with a sensational view. Have you got any puff left? Take another run-up and climb the stairs to the “Stephanienwarte” viewing platform. On the way back, follow the signs towards “Mariatrost Basilica”. Spot the fenced pasture of the Hopfer family’s deer farm. After this you will soon reach Mariatrosterstraße again. From there you can either walk to the Mariatrost basilica again or go straight to the Mariatrost tram stop.
Definitely worth a visit: Stefanienwarte and the Basilica Mariatrost
Getting there: Tram line 1 from Hauptplatz to the Waldhof stop

Getting back: Tram line 1 from Mariatrost

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