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OberGraz pilgrimage tour

A pilgrimage for e-biker users!

"The soul walks", says an Arab proverb – or it pedals! The OberGraz pilgrimage tour combines training and tradition, sport and spirituality A trekking tour of a difference.





On the A9 to Deutschfeistritz/Peggau und then on to Judendorf-Strassengel 
About 45 km long, the pilgrimage tour begins at the main square below the pilgrimage church Maria Strassengel, also known as the "Styrian St. Stephen`s Cathedral". Ride south along Plankenwartherstasse for kilometre. Than turn right along Rötzer Strasse to the centre of Gratwein, then in the direction of Rein Abbey. At the beginning of the large Reiner Feld fields you turn right off the main road towards the sports ground and cycle amid idyllic fields to Rein Abbey, the oldest Cistercian monastery in the world. We recommend having a break and a guided tour of the basilica and the abbey`s unique library, which holds more than 100,000 items. Now comes the first (main) mountain stage via Kehr up to Pleschwirt inn. Here cycling pilgrims are rewarded with liquid and solid nourishment, for example roast pork, and stunning views of the Gleinalm pastures, before they continue on the asphalt road to St. Pankratzen, home to St. Pancras Church, named after an early Christian Roman martyr, and also a popular pilgrimage destination. The reputation for excellent cuisine at the two village inns has spread, which is why a table reservation is recommended, especially on weekends. The L315 country road will take you to Grossstübing, approximately 9 km away. The parish church there was built in the years 1786–88 and is typical of churches built in the reign of Joseph II, the eldest son of Maria Theresia. After another 9 km through the Stübingtal valley, you`ll reach Kleinstübing, where pilgrims have to choose between


a) the sunnier route along the eastern bank of the Mur passing Friesach and Eggenfeld,

b) turning right in Kleinstübing and staying on the west bank towards Gratwein. This section leads past the Stübing open-air museum and is much quieter; the distance is about 7 kilometres, just like option a). In Gratwein there are several places to eat. If you didn`t cross the Mur to the eastern bank in Kleinstübing, do so now on the bicycle crossing towards Gratkorn. The R2 Murradweg cycle path will lead you downstream along the Brucker Strasse in the direction of Graz. After the Hotel Gratkorn turn left into Dr. Ing. Karl Renner Strasse towards the centre of Gratkorn with St. Stefan church. If you need to recharge your e-bike you can do so at the local charging station. At Am Brunnboden continue to Dultstrasse and turn right, then go under the B67. Continue onto Judendorf-Weg (to the left of the car repair to Mursteg bridge, cross, and continue onto the R2 cycle path on the western bank. On the left you`ll soon see the tennis courts and football field at the end of Strassengel. If you wish, you can continue to Graz from here.


You can also get back to the starting point via the L302 to Judendorf. Judendorf-Strassengel railway station is on the way, if you take this route.

Of course, you can do this tour with a city or trekking bike, but it`s much easier with an e-bike!
From leisurely riding along the Murradweg cycle path to more strenuous summit tours – OberGraz makes it easy for you to get on your bike. Cyclists without a car can arrive comfortably in the region by train. The well-frequented S1 train connection between Graz and Bruck/Mur makes OberGraz easily accessible by public transport. (Judendorf-Straßengel railway station)
Free Park & Ride parking on the main square of Judendorf-Strassengel  
Please check the opening hours of inns, restaurants or huts for stopovers!

Bett+Bike hosts: GH Lammer, GH Schusterbauer, Hotel-Restaurant Fischerwirt

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