Grazer Hügelland Tour

Hügelland Tour - Vasoldsberg

Touring cyclists and e-bikers will be thrilled by this route, which really shows the diversity of the Graz region. Hunger and thirst do not stand a chance on this route, because typical rustic inns invite you to delicious stops everywhere.

We start this varied circular tour in Vasoldsberg, where the Klingensteiner Achteckstadl architectural monument deserves special attention. Right in the centre of the village you will find the popular pastry shop and café die Kuchenschneiderei or typical Styrian food at Ausflugsgasthof Riedisser. Many more establishments invite you to enjoy culinary discoveries and cosy get-togethers along the country road.

The cycle path (R66) now follows the Ferbersbach stream through small villages and along beautiful natural paths to the pretty flower village of Fernitz-Mellach. Here as well there is a well-known local inn for parties and celebrations called Purkarthofer. Just before we cross the bridge over the Mur, we turn north onto the Mur Cycling Path into the protected floodplain forests and cycle along gravel and natural paths, partly along the dam, past the Mur power station in Gössendorf and the Auwiesen recreation area with many water sports facilities back to Graz Murfeld.

From here we turn onto the R49 Mostwärtsradweg and cycle the same way as on the Delicacy Tour to the village of Laßnitzhöhe. After a well-deserved break in the climatic health resort we follow the cycle path slightly downhill past the railway station to the turn-off over the Nestelbachberg to the village of Nestelbach near Graz, home of the baroque composer Johann Joseph Fux. Afterwards we climb the Schemerlhöhe,  where a short detour to the famous Hügellandhof is worthwhile, and ride along the ridge with beautiful panoramic views to the junction with the R66. Now we head steeply downhill through green forests back to the starting point in Vasoldsberg, where we certainly deserve a hearty refreshment, because this beautiful bike tour is not named after the Graz Hügelland hilly region for nothing.





Car: Bundesstraße 73 Hausmannstätten, tunnel, then at the roundabout turn off to Vasoldsberg

Bike: Connection of the tour to Graz center via the R2 Murradweg (7 km / -24 m from Graz main square)

Vasoldsberg (R66 Ferbersbachradweg) - Hausmannstätten - Fernitz (R2 Murradweg) - Gössendorf - Graz Murfeld (R49 Mostwärtsradweg) - Raaba - Pachern - Krachelberg - Laßnitzhöhe - Nestelbachberg - Nestelbach near Graz - Schemerlhöhe (R50 Stiefingtalradweg) - Kolmegg (R66) - Vasoldsberg

Connection from Graz center via R2 Murradweg (7 km / -24 m from Graz main square)

Cycle paths, side streets, cycle lanes, natural and gravel paths, suitable for trekking bikes and e-bikes

Enjoy the Murauen Regional Park and Landscape Conservation Area between Fernitz-Mellach, Gössendorf and Graz for a peaceful break by the water.
Bus Line 431 from Graz - Vasoldsberg, Vasoldsberg center (no bicycles!)

Vasoldsberg Municipal Office

Picture Gallery