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From Krautwasch to the Gleinalm mountain hut

The Gleinalm Speik, the cozy shelter and the Maria Schnee mountain church are absolute highlights for every hiker in the Graz adventure region.

Many paths meet at the Gleinalm and so pilgrims, long-distance hikers and day-trippers like to come together here. There are beautiful climbs from all directions to the Gleinalm Schutzhaus and all of them require a little stamina and endurance - but you are always rewarded with a magnificent mountain and natural landscape and boundless views. The trail from Krautwasch leads via the Brendlalm, where you can watch the world-famous Lipizzaner mares with their foals in summer (note: dogs are not allowed here). From the Gleinalmschutzhaus, it's about an hour and a half to the Speik and back - the ascent is particularly worthwhile on clear days, as the view is unique.





Über das Stübingtal bis Geisthal. Nach dem ehemaligen Gasthof Abraham geht es rechts in Richtung Sattelbauer hinauf zum Krautwasch.

The Gleinalm hiking region is one of the foothills of the Eastern Alps and, with its gentle mountain ridges, is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in green Styria.

For those who enjoy walking, we recommend the high-altitude hike from the closed Krautwasch inn, over the Tiefensattel saddle up to the Gleinalm refuge. The starting point is the Krautwasch inn, which has been closed for years. From here, the trail leads uphill through the forest, partly on a forest road, past the Walzkogelhütte. You soon leave the forest road and walk through forest and clearings to the Kalkkreuz (1364 m). Immediately afterwards you come out into the open with a wonderful view of the mountain ranges to the west. In the section of forest that follows, you will see more than 25 anthills over a 20-minute walk. After a crossroads at the Tiefsattel (1349 m), you cross the summer pastures of the Lippizaner horses from the Piber stud farm south of the Ochsen-Kogel. At the Sandebenkreuz cross, the path branches off to the right and you walk moderately uphill through forest for approx. 20 minutes to the Gleinalmschutzhaus and the Maria Schnee pilgrimage church (1586 m). The descent follows the same route.

At 1996m, the Gleinalm Speik is the highest peak in the Graz area. It can be easily reached in just over an hour from the refuge. The cozy and rustic Gleinalm Schutzhaus is ideal for two-day hikes and an overnight stay in a hut.

S1 Graz - Bruck a.M., Bahnhof Peggau-Deutschfeistritz, ab hier GUSTmobil bis zum Krautwasch (GU 1835)


Rechts am Straßenrand, kurz vor dem ehemaligen GH Krautwasch gibt es Parkmöglichkeiten.

A two-day hike can be continued in all directions, towards Rossbachkogel Terenbachalm Gaberl, towards Fensteralm Plotscherbauer Übelbach, or forest path to Schranken Hoyer (GUSTmobil stop 1833) and much more.

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