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World Championship feeling on the Hohe Rannach

Gratkorn – Ferstlhöhe – Jasen – Fuchskogel – around the Rannach – Alpine Garden – Dultgraben-Weissegg – Gratkorn

Pedal around the Hohe Rannach on a mountain bike and get the feel of a World Championship trail: this tour follows the 2009 Mountain Bike World Championship course through forests and across pastures from Gratkorn, around the Hohe Rannach und back. The trail is marked with yellow signs.





Via the motorway A9, exit Gratkorn-Süd or Gratkorn-Nord. Then take the B 67.
From the Gratwein–Gratkorn railway station, go under the train tracks and across the Mur on the bike path to Brucker Strasse in Gratkorn. Turn left and ride on the bike path in a north-westerly direction past the Zigeunerloch nature reserve. In the proximity of the motorway slip road Gratkorn Nord, the mountain bike World Championship course leads you on Hofbachweg off to the right up towards Ferstlhöhe. Now follow the hiking trail No. 6 in an easterly direction to Jasen and continue upwards to the Höchwirt inn, where you can take a break and enjoy refreshments. With renewed energy, ride in a north-eastern direction on the hiking trail No. 8. At the Hollackner chapel, follow the forest trail north-eastwards and you`ll soon reach the steepest part of the tour: the winding trail leads through the forest past the Geierkogel and the Fuchskogel to the highest point of the tour (926 m). From there, follow the hiking trail No. 766 clockwise around the Hohe Rannach. In front of the Martinelli inn ("Steinmetzwirt"), go uphill again on the right, next to the meadow. There follows a small climb through the forest. On a trail, then on a forest road, you`ll come down towards Rannach, past the Alpine Garden and down to the Dultbach stream. On hiking trail No. 5 go right in a northerly direction, upstream. The trail winds up the mountain, past a farm to the paved Fressnitzstrasse road.

Going right would take you back to the Höchwirt inn, but remain steadfast and follow the signs of the Mountain Bike World Championship track downhill. If you still feel excess strength in your legs, you can go right and take the last climb of the route up to Weissegg (another 100 metres in altitude). Of course, riding downhill on the paved Fressnitzstrasse is more comfortable. Then go under the motorway and in the direction of Gratkorn to St. Stefan church. In Gratkorn, there are several inns, restaurants and cafes for your physical well-being – after all, athletes must make sure to rehydrate. Follow the L388 road to Brucker Strasse, turn right onto the Murradweg R2 bike trail and follow it to the Kulturhaus at the intersection with Bahnhofstrasse. Go on the bike path over the Mur River in the direction of Gratwein west of the river. You`ve made it!

Please check the opening hours of inns, restaurants or huts for stopovers!
From leisurely riding along the Murradweg cycle path to more strenuous summit tours – OberGraz makes it easy for you to get on your bike. Cyclists without a car can arrive comfortably in the region by train. The well-frequented S1 train connection between Graz and Bruck/Mur makes OberGraz easily accessible by public transport. (Gratwein–Gratkorn railway station)
Parking is available at the Gratwein-Gratkorn railway station or by the roundabout at Gratkorn Nord.
Please check the opening hours of inns, restaurants or huts for stopovers!

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