Museumsbauwerk(c)August Bursch

Through the Open-Air Museum Stübing and round the Pfaffenkogel

Hike through the valley of farms, between water and rocks, Austria’s characteristic house landscapes, and a nature reserve close to the Styrian capital city of Graz.

Fancy a hike past the Berglerhaus, a traditional house of Burgenland, and the mountain chalet of the Bregenz Forest? You can do this in only a couple of hours in the Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing. Afterwards the tour takes you through the nature reserve round the Pfeffenkogel and back to the starting point.





By car/motorbike via the A9 motorway (exit Übelbach) or via the S35 (exit Peggau–Deutschfeistritz).

By bike via the Mur cycle path (R2).

From Stübing railway station follow the Mur river downstream along the Graz-Umland-Weg d (regional route GUWd) until you reach the entrance of the Open-Air Museum with a shop and café. This is where our trip of discovery starts: along the entire way to the valley head we find all kinds of traditional Austrian houses on the left and right sides of the path, from the Berglerhaus of Burgenland to the mountain chalet of the Bregenz Forest. In the westernmost part of the museum near the large alpine dairy “in the Bregenz Forest” we leave the grounds of the Open-Air Museum through a turnstile and continue the hike on trail no. 11 in the direction of Enzenbach hospital. Here the asphalt road leads up at the left to the Hörgasbauer tavern, also called Mostschänke Movia. Reinvigorated by award-winning farmer’s bread, march back via Route 562 to Kleinstübing station, the starting point.
The Mostschänke Movia, also called Hörgasbauer, ia a picturesque tavern located on a wooded hillside. Take a break and a snack made from its own farm products.
Hikers can easily arrive without a car by using bus or train services. The frequent S1 trains between Graz and Bruck/Mur make reaching OberGraz easy.

(Kleinstübing railway station)

GUSTmobil minivan stops nearby: 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 1111, 1008

Rides can be booked a minimum of 60 minutes before desired departures by telephone (0123 500 44 11), or via Internet (, using the app. (business hours: Monday – Saturday: 6am – 12 midnight, Sundays & public holidays: 6am – 10pm)

More details on train and bus connections:, and

Park & Ride car park, Kleinstübing station
The hike is only possible during the opening times of the Austrian Open-Air Museum. (April–October)

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