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Pass-hopping in the Graz Region

Cycling along the Mur and through the Graz Region is as popular as ever. Pass-hopping in the foothills of the Gleinalpe mountain chain is a classic for bikers who like it strenuous.

Cycling along the Mur and through the Graz Region is as popular as ever. Pass-hopping in the foothills of the Gleinalpe mountain chain is a classic for bikers who like it strenuous. Romantic country roads, challenging climbs and special views will reward your exertion.





By train from Bruck/Mur or Graz via Peggau-Deutschfeistritz to the stop in Deutschfeistritz (S11). By car via the S35 (exit Peggau Mitte) or via the A9 (Friesach-Peggau) or the L385 or the L322 to Deutschfeistritz. By bike on the Murradweg (R2) cycle path to the Deutschfeistritz turn-off.
Pass-hopping in the foothills of the Gleinalpe is a classic in the Graz Region. It is demanding and recommended only for experienced mountain bikers with stamina. But going up just one of the three passes offers a worthwhile alternative for bikers without good physical condition. Starting at Peggau/Deutschfeistritz, the route leads along the L322 to Kleinstübing. There, turn right into Stübinggrabenstrasse (L315) to Grossstübing. After the church in Grossstübing turn right and ride over the Silberberg mountain to the former Hiedner snack bar at the top of your first serious climb (the pass is at 913 m), then down to Übelbach, where you turn left and follow the L385 to the Kleintal turn-off (Kleintalstrasse). After a short ride through the Kleintal valley, turn right just after the Luckner inn and begin your main climb to the Plotscherbauer mountain hut (the Thomaskreuz pass is at 1,133 m), where some refreshment probably won`t go amiss. Then ride back to Übelbach and up the Arzwaldgraben to the Rotmüller farm, then left up the Schenkenberg to the Ebenwirt inn (the pass here is at 909 m; it’s your third and last climb). After the Ebenwirt inn the gravel road leads down to the right into the Ratlosgraben (or you can ride down the asphalt road over the Altenberg) down to Gamsgraben and to the former Kainz inn. Head out of the valley on Vordere Gamsstrasse and Rothleitenstrasse to the L121. From there, ride on the R2 Murradweg cycle path to Deutschfeistritz by going in a southerly direction along the L121 to Frohnleiten and the Murbrücke bridge. Now continue on the western bank of the Mur to Adriach, Rabenstein and the Murhof golf course. After the golf club, bear right before the first Mur crossing and return to Deutschfeistritz via E-Werkstrasse.
Genusspension Herti in Übelbach offers guests and non-guests an e-bike rental service and guided bike tours.
From leisurely riding along the Murradweg cycle path to more strenuous summit tours – OberGraz makes it easy for you to get on your bike. Cyclists without a car can arrive comfortably in the region by train. The well-frequented S1 train connection between Graz and Bruck/Mur makes OberGraz easily accessible by public transport. (Peggau-Deutschfeistritz railway station)
In Deutschfeistritz, along the L385 in the direction of Peggau before the bridge across the Mur on the right; or on the little square in front of the path up the Kirchberg in Deutschfeistritz. There is also a free Park & Ride car park at Peggau-Deutschfeistritz railway station.
Bed+Bike establishments: hotel La Cucina, Bernthaler inn, guest house Genusspension Herti, Grossauer brewery, guest house Landgraf

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