Maestoso circular hike

The Maestoso circular trail starts in the Therme NOVA area by the Dechantteich pond. Our route takes us from Köflach to Bärnbach to the Holy Mountain, on to the Lipizzaner stud farm in Piber, then to the Schachner wine tavern, past the Wilhelm outdoor farm and back to the starting point.

The route leads us along an idyllic forest path to the "Holy Mountain" in Bärnbach. We continue briefly through residential areas and then through lush meadows to the Lipizzaner stud farm in Piber. The route then leads us to the popular Buschenschank Schachner, past the Wilhelm outdoor farm - where the "young and wild" spend the winter months - back to our starting point. The scenically varied trail is easy to master and invites you to stroll, walk and run.

Naming: The Lipizzaner stud farm in Piber is home to 6 stallion lines

MaestosoConversanoPlutoFavoryNeapolitanoSiglavyand 17 classic mare families. The knowledge of breeding has been a national intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO since 2016.





  • A2 Abfahrt Mooskirchen

  • im Kreisverkehr 3. Ausfahrt | B70 Richtung Köflach

  • Ortsgebiet Köflach | im ersten Kreisverkehr geradeaus weiter

  • nach ca. 200m rechts halten | Richtung Zentrum

  • nach ca. 450m rechts abbiegen | Kreuzung Piberstraße (= L345)

  • nach ca. 900m | Therme NOVA Köflach

We start our approximately three-hour, easy walk at the Therme NOVA | Dechantteich. We walk past the grammar school on the right, keeping to the right until we reach Schachnerweg after approx. 300m. Here we keep right and follow the asphalt road until we reach Piberstraße. We cross this and follow the slightly ascending Kreuzbergweg, past the chapel to the forest. We walk approx. 2km through a magnificent mixed forest. After a short, steeply sloping section of the path, we pass an old farmstead and then follow the signs straight ahead in the left-hand bend to a clearing. We walk along the edge of the forest and keep right towards Heiliger Berg as we enter the forest. The path leads us slightly uphill to the asphalt road/parking lot. Now we follow the road steadily uphill until we reach the highest point (539m) of our hike. The Holy Mountain with its church, monastery and Holy Sepulchre Chapel is a place of tranquillity and offers a magnificent panoramic view, including of Piber Castle, the golden onion tower of St. Barbara's Church-Hundertwasser...

The rest of the route takes us back along the asphalt road to the parking lot (approx. 500 m). In the left-hand bend, we go straight ahead on the familiar forest path for approx. 300m. At the fork in the path, keep right following the signs. The path now runs slightly downhill through the forest. When we reach the foot of the mountain, we turn sharply to the left and follow the signs.

Now we follow Karrellystraße straight ahead. Once we reach the main road, we turn left towards Piber and walk along the asphalt pedestrian and cycle path until we see meadows and pastures ahead of us on the outskirts of Bärnbach. Now we turn half-left onto a narrow meadow path and march along between the fields, past the hay barn, towards the stud farm. To our right, the Piberstraße runs parallel at some distance, which we cross again at the end of the meadow path. Our path leads past the large parking lot, with a view of the stud farm and Piber Castle on our right. Continue straight ahead along the slightly ascending asphalt road for approx. 600m to the fork. Here we turn left into the forest (gravel path) and follow the moderately uphill forest path. At the fork in the path at the edge of the forest, follow the signs and keep right. The trail leads slightly uphill through an idyllic mixed forest. We leave the forest and can already see the Schachner wine tavern, where the centuries-old lime tree invites us to take a break. We keep left and follow the asphalt road to the Wilhelm outdoor farm, where, with a bit of luck, we can watch the young stallions (mid-September to early June). We follow the road towards the forest. After approx. 500m we reach the junction that we already know from the outward route, turn right onto the forest path and follow it to the starting point.

The Maestoso circular route is signposted in an anticlockwise direction.

The "Holy Mountain" with its church, monastery and Holy Sepulchre Chapel offers a wonderful panoramic view and is a real "place of power".


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