Wandern am Koralm-Kristall-Trail

Koralm Crystal Trail

The hike takes us to the lofty heights of the Koralm-Stubalm area with impressive panoramas. We can expect comfortable ascents and descents that take us past contemporary witnesses of an exciting geological development.

We hike at an altitude between 1,100 and 2,140 Metres above sea level. The Koralm Crystal Trail connects Salla in the marble-rich Stubalm with Soboth, which lies in the quartz-rich southern Koralm. Along the way, we are accompanied by interesting rock formations as well as the remains of glassworks and lime kilns.





But let's turn back the wheel of time by hundreds of millions of years and go on an incredible search for traces, because the rocks of the Koralpe and Stubalpe tell us a lot about their eventful "life". We hike along the border between Styria and Carinthia, north to south. Most of the tour leads over soft alpine pastures with wonderful views over the landscape of southern Styria, then the path changes sides again and eastern Carinthia is in our field of vision. We cross and walk along ancient trade routes. And at the Altes Almhaus we meet the Lipizzaner young stallions who spend their youth here on the green ridges.

From the Gaberl we go uphill over alpine pastures and through forests towards the Koralm. With the detour to Rappoldkogel, a beautiful vantage point, we gain a promising impression of the alpine pasture area of the Koralpe. From the village of Pack, winding paths through the alpine and forest landscape await us. From the Wildbachsattel onwards, the ascent is moderate throughout and the most beautiful views await us in the open alpine pasture area. A little relaxation in between is granted from the Weinebene to the Speikkogel, where a magnificent panoramic view awaits us. From the Jauksattel, the trail is only slightly downhill, partly up and down through the forest to the Dreieckhütte, the last alpine pasture on our way. After Soboth, descend once more through the forest.

Der Koralm Kristall Trail weist eine Länge von rund 76 km auf. Ob man den gesamten Weg nun in 2, 3, 4 oder Etappen gehen will, ist es jedenfalls ratsam, die Anzahl der Etappen selbst zu wählen.

Accessible by train and bus.

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