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“Four thousanders” mountain bike circuit

Summit hopping deluxe!

Summit hopping deluxe: well-signposted round trip from Gratwein to Gratwein along the “four thousanders” of OberGraz with wonderful views, several opportunities for refreshment and a dip in cool water.





Go on the A9 motorway to Deutschfeistritz/Peggau and then on to Gratwein and Rein.
From Gratwein railway station follow the signs to Rein Abbey, first on Reiner Strasse and then on Landesgutweg. With Rein Abbey always in view, cycle through the contemplative, (still) flat landscape, past the abbey and along the Mühlbach stream, gaining altitude gently towards the end of the valley. The trail is well-signposted (it runs in the opposite direction of the World Championship course). Along the upper part of the Mühlbach stream, the trail gradually becomes steeper and meanders along the forest road to the Mühlbacher mountain hut, where a stop may be enjoyed. From Mühlbacher Kogel mountain, ride on trail 562 past the Walzkogel, Heiggerkogel, and Pleschkogel mountains until you reach the Pleschwirt inn. The following passage offers everything a mountain biker’s heart desires. Trail-like passages lead down to Kehr. Here, caution and consideration for hikers is requested, because the route runs partly along the hiking trail. The last section leads through the Kehrerwald forest to Selenz/Rein. At the Josefsheim, follow the signs of the hiking trail No. 15 through Tallak to the Annateich ponds, then follow trail No. 564 along the Schirningbach stream to Bad Weihermühle, and on to Gratwein railway station. If you want to add a cultural highlight to your nature experience, why not visit the famous pilgrimage church Maria Strassengel or the oldest Cistercian monastery in the world in Rein. In fact, why not visit both?
You can buy drinks outside opening hours in the Mühlbacher mountain hut. Take small change with you!
From leisurely riding along the Murradweg cycle path to more strenuous summit tours – OberGraz makes it easy for you to get on your bike. Cyclists without a car can arrive comfortably in the region by train. The well-frequented S1 train connection between Graz and Bruck/Mur makes OberGraz easily accessible by public transport. (Gratwein–Gratkorn railway station)
Parking is available at Rein Abbey.
Forest roads are forestry workplaces: one should always expect obstacles, wood on the road or motor vehicles. Harsh braking must be avoided, as it damages the roads and paths. The protection of plants and animals has priority over sports feats. Please avoid making noise, and leave no litter! Close gates after passing through and finish forest tours before dusk. Compliance with road traffic regulations, driving on the right side of roads and paths, and abstaining from alcohol go without saying.

Please check the opening times of any inns, huts or restaurants you want to go to.

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