Lindenwirt Hotel Restaurant

Lindenwirt Hotel Restaurant - Impression #1 | © Lindenwirt - RP photography +


The restaurant meets the following criteria:

  • For bus groups
  • Outdoor dining
  • Open on Sundays
  • Breakfast


The Lindenwirt is a place with history: Already in 1896 the inn was mentioned by Markus Grabitzer (great-grandfather of today's owner Carmen Poglitz- Raffler) as an excursion inn. Even then it was popular for its down-to-earth cuisine. The generations that followed preserved the heritage in order to cook their own soup of success on historical ground. Seasonal dishes dominate here, using only the best local produce.

Tip: At the Lindenwirt you will be completely pampered! That is why it is also wonderful to spend the night and/or celebrate here!

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Lindenwirt Hotel Restaurant
Peter-Rosegger-Straße 125, 8052 Graz
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