Reading with "Drug Judge" Helmut Wlasak

He has repeatedly caused a stir as a "drug judge", and now he is reading his first book in Frohnleiten.
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Helmut Wlasak, born in 1960, former gendarmerie officer has also gone among the authors and published his first book in 2021, in which he has compiled 30 bizarrely sad trials from long years in the courtroom. In his first book, the criminal judge from Graz writes down what he experienced in court. It is about the elderly ladies who stole garden decorations at night and, when they got off lightly, wanted to give the presiding judge their favourite ceramic dwarf. Or about the grandmother who had only wanted to help her grandson when she smuggled a few machine guns.

Wlasak has been a judge since 1991, and since 1995 he has also been the chairman of the senate of the Financial Crimes Authority. He is considered the initiator and co-founder of the anti-drug projects McClean and BeClean, is a contributor and lecturer to the "Mobil und Sicher" project, and gives guest lectures at universities in Austria and Germany. 

Tickets: VVK € 13,-; AK € 17,- available at Buch & Co, TV Region Graz/Büro Frohnleiten and via Oeticket

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