Reading Laßnitzhöhe

Memories of contemporary witnesses from the region summarised in the book "Oral History", there are also readings by local authors.
  • 03/23/2023, from 17.00 to 18.30
  • Reading
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The spa commission will focus on memories of contemporary witnesses from the region of Laßnitzhöhe - Nestelbach - Vasoldsberg and St. Marein from the period around 1900 to around 1970, summarised in the book "Oral History". The thematic focus is rounded off with touching poems and stories by the late Oberschulrat Konrad Maritschnik, who spent his twilight years in Laßnitzhöhe, and the farmer's daughter Hermine Prevolschek, who was born in Wöbling and has also sadly already passed away. 

Even today, people are still busy writing and publishing in Laßnitzhöhe - in addition to Valerie Schwarzl, whose homeland love novel "Schwarze Wasser" (Black Water) is presented, Francesca Gordoni entangles her protagonists in tricky life situations with often fatal outcomes, as in "Tod am Isonzo" (Death on the Isonzo) and in "Gene einer Mörderin" (Genes of a Murderess). A sequel to the latter has already been published - Ms Gordoni will give a reading sample from "The Pursuit". 
But author Julia Zaunschirm will also take the youngest children on journeys to Dreamland and over the magic rainbow with the "Little Penguin".  

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