Psalm 2022 - Die Wasserfrau

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Psalm 2022 - Die Wasserfrau - Impression #1 | © Nikola Milatovic


Stories about water, wells, springs, and their guardians, related by Miriam Andersén and her fellow musicians. Folk music from northern Europe.

Gesang, Erzählung, Harfe & Flöte: Miriam Andersén
Fideln: Susanne Ansorg
Anna Rynefors: Nyckelharpa, Säckpipa & Träskofiol
Tina Quartey: Percussion

The sea is a characteristic feature of Scandinavia and Scandinavia is in general a damp place. The land is cloaked in mist and springs bubble up everywhere. Glaciers feed rivers and lakes, and there are wondrous old stories about all of these things. Trolls, elves, and gnomes guard the streams, for since the earliest times, people have known how valuable the essential, life-giving water is. Miriam Andersén and her friends have many a song to sing about it all.



Helmut List Halle
Waagner-Biro-Straße 98 a, 8020 Graz