Hamlet - Prince of Egmark

The Styrian version of Shakespeare's Hamlet can be experienced in Deutschfeistritz.
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To be or not to be? 

The most famous question in the history of English literature is interpreted in a completely new way and turned upside down at the Sensenwerk Deutschfeistritz. A Hamlet is presented in a pointed and atmospheric way, where anything is possible. In the good old "Shakestroy manner", there is room in this version for black humour, Austrian wit, English-Styrian language games and, above all, for a ghost who stumbles drunkenly through the play and in the process repeatedly gets in the way of the Shakespearean original - in the truest sense of the word.

Tickets: Reservation under +43 3127 41366 or by mail sensenwerk@aon.at 
Two hours before each performance (Thurs. and Sun. at 4 p.m.; Fri. and Sat. at 6 p.m.) there is the opportunity for an approx. one-hour guided tour of the museum free of charge in conjunction with the theatre visit.
Please register at the theatre reservation desk!


Rudolf-Klug-Gasse 2, 8121 Deutschfeistritz
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Rudolf Klug Gasse 2, 8121 Deutschfeistritz
Phone number