Beautiful Sounds in the Hill Country - International Choir Week

Finally singing together again!!! Happy voices resound in Nestelbach near Graz.
Choir Week | © Oswald Schechtner


The Kulturverein Achteck would like to invite all choir singers who missed singing together during the months of the Corona Lockdown to a few relaxing, stimulating days in Nestelbach near Graz. With our two choir directors MMMag. Ilze Kroja-Holzer and Vesna Petković we will rehearse traditional, classical and new songs from Styria and from the country to which this year's focus is dedicated: Serbia. For the last two days we expect a guest choir from Serbia: The Niški kamerni hor/Kammerchor Niš under the direction of Ivana Milošević will rehearse with us, give a public concert on Thursday evening and sing our final concert with all participants on Friday.

Public concerts in the framework of "Beautiful Tones 2022":

Wednesday, 7 Sep. 2022, 8 pm Choir Sosamma: "Balkan Medley" and by "Vesna & Balkanology".
Thursday, 8 Sep. 2022, 8 p.m. Concert of the Niški kamerni hor/Chamber Choir Niš 
Friday, 9 Sep. 2022, 8 p.m. joint final concert of the Beautiful Sounds 2022


Schulstraße 4, 8302 Nestelbach bei Graz


Krumegg 64, 8323 Krumegg
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