Styrian beer

Graz Beer Tradition

Pick up your glass, close your eyes, take a looong sip and savour the moment. Graz is a city with a great tradition of brewing beer. Styrian beer generally has a reputation as the best in Austria, and the beers from Graz are happy to contribute! By the mid-19th century, large breweries had established themselves in the city. Today, their names still stand not just for tradition but also the very finest in malted barley beers: Reininghaus beer and Puntigamer beer. Their popularity is thanks not just to the skilled craft of the brewers but also the excellence of their ingredients: the best barley and finest hops from the farmers at Leutschach. And also to the brewing water: cool, fresh and crystal clear, it bubbles up from the 230m-deep ‘Herrgottwiesquelle’ spring, and even meets the standards required of a mineral water.