Graz truffle festival

24.10. - 06.11.2022

A real culinary sensation: Truffles are growing in Graz, Capital of Delights!

The Graz truffle is a unique culinary delicacy, a diamond of cuisine, incomparable in taste, delicious and expensive. Long ago, the ancient Egyptians appreciated the gourmet mushroom that grew under the ground. Even the burgundy truffle, particularly coveted by gourmets, was harvested in Graz.

The Graz Truffle Festival is the great autumn festival to honour the exquisite gourmet truffle. From the programme:

  • International truffle market in the Paradeishof
  • Guided truffle walks in the Leechwald forest outside Graz
  • Culinary highlights at the Graz Capital of Delight partner establishments

International truffle market: 27/10 - 07/11/2021

Event Location: Paradeishof (inner court of Kastner & Öhler)
Following the great success of last year, Graz Capital of Delights invites you once again in autumn 2010 to an international truffle market in the Paradeishof, where many international exhibitors will once again bring excellent, high-quality truffle specialities from their respective regions.

Guided truffle walks in the Graz Leechwald: 27/10 - 07/11/2021

Hunting for treasure in the Leechwald! In Graz itself, delicious truffles grow beneath the earth, but how do you find these outrageously expensive natural resources? It’s quite simple if you know how and have a hard-working helper with a good nose! Truffle pigs are barely used any more, but you can still see the lively truffle hounds – on a truffle walk in the Graz forest school! There, you will learn a lot about truffles and sustainable forest management. Afterwards you can savour a dish made with the truffles you have found.

Culinary highlights at the Graz Capital of Delight partner Establishments: 27/10 - 07/11/2021

Enjoy culinary delicacies that revolve around truffles from Alba, Istria and other truffle hotspots, but also with the Graz truffle at the Graz Capital of Delights partner establishments.