Motor skills park­our Schöckl

The Motorikparkour Balance is only a five-minute walk from the Schöckl cable car. It's the ideal place to train your fitness and coordination.

Children and adults can not only put their fitness to the test on the Schöckl; they can also improve it. Because on our outdoor motor skills course, attractive appliances tested according to sports science principles  invite you to undertake physical activity. The motor skills course is fun and is a challenge for motor skills and the sensory system. Young people and adults are invited to climb, move hand over hand, and balance. The entire posture, motor and coordination system plus the respective sensory system is encouraged and trained.

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 can expect a balancing path, a balancing star, a shaking platform, a footsteps crossover and a motor skills platform. These appliances primarily train the sense of balance.

Motorikparkour I Schöckl | © Lupi Spuma

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Motorikparkour Schöckl
Schöcklstraße 23, 8061 St. Radegund bei Graz
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