City farm store "Stadtbauernladen"

A pleasure provider with the best products from Styrian agricultural production in the heart of Graz - Hamerlinggasse 3

In the foyer of the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture, the Stadtbauernladen offers the best products from Styrian farmers and producers. Here you will find many winning and top products from the various awards. Whether pumpkin seed oil, Vulcano ham, cheese, Xeis game specialties, honey, chocolate, wine or fine spirits - the Stadtbauernladen gathers everything that characterizes the culinary landscape of Styria. Come by to taste de culinary delights or send your order to

Graz Farm Shop | © Mach Genussprodukte GmbH -Julia Trenker

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Hamerlinggasse 3 , 8010 Graz