Autumn Festival Köflach

A musical autumn is offered in a marquee in Köflach.
Autumn Festival Köflach - Impression #1 | © Simone Attiosani Viertbauer Promotion


The Köflach Autumn Festival 2022 is THE music and party highlight of the year in the thermal spa and Lipizzaner town! Whether celebrating exuberantly on POWER Friday with the atmosphere guarantors Powerkryner, Sunnseitn and Natascha das Steirermadl, dancing to the beats on the SCHLAGER evening with the hit giants Semino Rossi and the NOCKIS, Krochledern, Julia Buchner and Carlien or quite traditionally at the FRÜHschoppen on Sunday with Die Sterisch Böhmische and the Sulmtal-Express - an atmospheric autumn weekend is guaranteed!
Presenter:Daniel Düsenflitz

Tickets: at the Stadtmarketing office in Köflach Town Hall, 2nd floor. Available during regular opening hours. 
              In the online shop the ticket prices include a service fee of 5%. Subject to change without notice.

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Bärnbacherstraße , 8580 Köflach


Rathausplatz 1, 8580 Köflach
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