styrian pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil tasting

the "black gold"

Styrian pumpkin seed oil, also known in Styria as “black gold”, is actually a natural dark green. It has an exquisitely fresh, nutty taste, and is extremely healthy. Pumpkin-seed oil makes a wonderful salad dressing, and is normally used in cold dishes. It is, however, also very good after gentle warming, or drizzled onto bowls of soup, and in order to give a sophisticated flavour to main courses and puddings. And it doesn’t just taste good—it’s cholesterol-free, rich in essential fatty acids and in vitamin E. Fantastically healthy and delicious!

Facts and figures: Since 1998, over 2000 pumpkin-seed oil producers and around 30 Styrian oil mills have belonged to a producers’ association called “Steirisches Kürbiskernöl g.g.A.", with the following aims:

  1.  Protecting regional origin
  2.  Guaranteeing the quality of Styrian pumpkin-seed oil

Facts and figures: One litre of genuine Styrian pumpkin-seed oil PGI (protected geographical indication) requires about 2.5kg of dried pumpkins seeds, which is about 30-35 pumpkins.