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Stainzer Flascherlzug

nostalgic train ride

Enjoy a nostalgic train ride through the Schilcher-Kernöl-Land with the legendary Stainzer Flascherlzug from Stainz to Preding & back.

Guests are entertained by an accordion player during the ride. At the intermediate stations in Kraubath and in Preding there is the possibility to buy something to eat and to drink.

The journey takes two hours. For children there is a newly designed playground in the park at the station area! Plan a culinary stop at the "Meierei beim Stainzer Flascherlzug".

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Stainzer Flascherlzug - Impression #1 | © TV Schilcherland-Stainz-Reinischkogel

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Stainzer Flascherlzug
Bahnhofstraße 28, 8510 Stainz
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