Konditorei Philipp

  • Opening hours
  • Early in the morning, a wonderful aroma wafts through the street around Schillerplatz.

  • Cafe/Coffee Shop, Pastry Shop & bakery, Ice cream shop
Konditorei Philipp - Impression #1


The restaurant meets the following criteria:

  • Breakfast
  • Outdoor dining
  • Open on Sundays


It caresses your nose and you wonder - which cake, which pastry could it be? Since 1926, the Konditorei Philipp has been surprising you with perfection in craftsmanship and sweet fireworks, deliciously hidden in chocolate, confectionery, ice cream, desserts, cakes and tarts. The contemporary creations glazed with classic recipes speak for themselves and pastry chef Lilli Philipp is always known for a new surprise.

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Konditorei Philipp
Krenngasse 38, 8010 Graz
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