Messier marathon on the Schöckl

The starry sky within reach - this is made possible by the Styrian Astronomers' Association on the Schöckl plateau.
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So close to the stars - along with their most fascinating objects in the depths of space. This is what you can do at the first Messier Marathon in Graz, organised by the Styrian Astronomers' Association (StAV). The focus will be on the 110 magnificent objects in the sky, which the French astronomer Charles Messier had already described in the 18th century in a catalogue later named after him. 

A large number of telescopes are ready to show the interested public these wonders of the night sky. The Stubenberghaus keeps its doors open during the night to give visitors a chance to rest and have a warm tea. And anyone who wants to commit to the sporting ambition of really getting to see all 110 Messier objects in a single night is welcome to try!

Since the cable car is serviced in March as it is every year, the event can only be hiked to, most pleasantly in a good hour's walk from the Schöcklkreuz car park, which can also be reached by public transport on line 250 (e.g. 16:32, 17:32 or 18:32 from Jakominiplatz).

In case of bad weather (overcast sky), the alternative date is Friday, 24.3. If you are unsure whether the event will take place, you can find out on the website of the Styrian Astronomers' Association:

For the Styrian Astronomers' Association: Norbert Steinkellner (StAV Youth Department).

Key data:
● One night - 110 Messier objects (galaxies, star clusters, nebulae)
● Saturday, 18.03.2023 from approx. 7 p.m. on Schöckl
● Alternative date in case of bad weather / clouds: Friday, 24.03.2023
● You can join the event at any time (but for all 110 objects you have to stay from dusk until dawn)
● Several telescopes will be prepared.
● Accessible with a short hike from Schöcklkreuz (~1h), as cable car is under revision
● The Stubenberghaus will remain open all night for rest and tea!
● Sunset: 6:08pm
● Observation time: approx. 19:15 - 05:00 hrs.
● Sunrise: 06:04 Uh


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