Green Meeting

Burggarten Graz

The Austrian Eco Label for a "Green Event"

Conference and event organisers are increasingly looking to environmental protection, regional products and social acceptability. Instead of creating piles of rubbish and causing tides of traffic, “Green Meetings” and “Green Events” are characterised by increased energy efficiency, avoidance of waste and environmentally sound arrival and departure of guests. Other central aspects are regional added value and social responsibility. All of this fosters the positive image of an event among the population, guests and sponsors.

Green Events Steiermark

Das Steirische Netzwerk für nachhaltige Veranstaltungskultur!
Mit dem Projekt Green Events Steiermark sollen alle Themenbereiche einer nachhaltigen Veranstaltungskultur abgedeckt werden und das Projektteam will alle Veranstalter in der Steiermark unterstützen - egal ob kleine Feste oder Großevents, Kulturveranstaltungen oder Tagungen und Kongresse. Alle sind eingeladen, einen Beitrag zur Zukunftsentwicklung des Landes Steiermark zu leisten - denn nur gemeinsam sind wir zukunftsfähig und stark.

Eco-city Graz

For many years now, ÖKOPROFIT® Graz has been a successful programme for Graz companies. It promotes active corporate environmental precautions, thereby making an effective contribution to reducing the burden on the environment and to conserving resources. For events taking place in public areas, Graz City Council has produced precise guidelines and also defined ecological criteria. Graz Convention Bureau and the city’s environment department are happy to give you information about environment protection measures relating to your event.