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Organisers of scientific conferences in particular have appreciated Graz as a conference destination for many years. Being Austria’s second largest city as well as an important research and business location, Graz has, with good reason, evolved into a renowned conference venue that enjoys an excellent international reputation. Every year, approximately 60,000 conference guests make use of the historic and modern congress centres. They appreciate the city’s easy accessibility, as much as its sophisticated cuisine and famous Austrian hospitality.

A variety of supporting programmes and day excursions, served with Styrian delicacies and regional wines, add culinary value to any event. Worth mentioning is the pleasant size of the Styrian capital. In fact, many of the excellent hotels are within walking distance of the conference centres. The rich choice of sights and cultural events is another decisive reason for choosing Graz.

Congress Graz Genussball | © MCG - Werner Krug

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Congress Statistics Graz


Topic Number of meetings number of participants
Medicine  40  13.604
Economy/Politics  55  16.554
Sciences  19   2.913
Technology  31   6.513


 42   6.834
  187 meetings 46.418 participants


Venues number of meetings Number of participants
Congress Graz 20   7.052
Messe Congress Graz/Stadthalle Graz 34  19.576
Universitäten, LKH, FHs 40   7.079
Tagungshotels 84   11.109
Diverse Veranstaltungszentren    9    1.602
  187 meetings 46.418 participants

Average length of stay in Graz: 2.11 days
Average number of participants per conference: 248 participants
Overnight stays related to congress, seminar and incentive guests in Graz: approximately 14%

All conferences registered at Graz Tourismus are taken into account. Events with more than 100 participants and lasting at least one whole day are registered. All information is based on organisers’ own choice of submissions.