There ist hardly nothing you won't find in the Annenviertel

In no other city area of Graz, life is as diverse as here. There are more clubs and call shops, more design and variety stores than anywhere else. There are parks, secret paths, and a wonderful farmer's market. And you'll discover more playful appropriations of the city and interesting initiatives than in all the remaining city districts together.
Don't be suprised: Altough everything ist available here, the "Annenviertel" as such does not actually exist. It is not delineated on any other city map. Strange! This is going to change now: From now on, the Annenviertel won't only have a name, but also a map - moreover, a map that has been jointly charted by the communities living here and may residents of the Annenviertel themselves. Just for you! In the course of many conversations, they revealed their favorite spots, both useful and odd, places one gladly recommends to neighbours and visitors. "Our map of the Annenviertel" is the result of these conversations.