Delicious things to take home with you

Pumpkin seed oil tasting

From Graz, the ‘Capital of Delight’

The best place to enjoy the full range of Graz’s superb specialities is in the city itself. But there are also plenty of fabulous treats you can take home with you to recreate your Graz experience.

The prettiest picnic spots in Graz, Styria

Is there anything lovelier than warm and balmy summer evenings? We say YES - combining a lovely evening and a picnic outdoors. Graz offers several possibilities for doing just that.

Either pack you own basket and seek out a suitable spot (tips: AugartenparkHilmteich, banks of the River Mur, BurggartenStadtpark etc.) or have it filled for you.

For that there's the Graz picnic basket, filled with selected specialities from the Styrian Regions of Delights. Depending on the season, you'll find your basket filled with seasonal delicacies. Supplier: Delikatessen Frankowitsch (closed Sun/hols) - order required at least 1 day before collection, or as a gift voucher: Graz Tourismus Information, price inc. contents € 100.00. Available from April to October 2021.

Or there's also the picnic on Schlossberg hill - with a picnic basket from Starcke Haus.

Go on, indulge yourself.

Culinary Souvenirs

If you’re looking for a food gift to take home for friends and family, or a small reminder of the wonderful specialities you tasted during your stay in Graz, then just visit one of the many shops where you can buy a huge selection of treats - from original Styrian pumpkin seed oil, wine, schnapps and ham through to complete gift baskets or sweets. There’s something for everyone. 

Seasonal Shopping Basket

Nowadays you can buy food imported from all over the world and all of the time, no matter what the season. Here instead is an overview of Graz’s fresh regional food at its best, and at the best time – when it’s ripe and in season. Pile your personal shopping basket high – ideally direct from the farmer at the market.

Spring: fresh herbs, new potatoes, asparagus, crispy Krauthäuptel lettuce, rhubarb, young carrots

Summer: juicy fruits and berries, fresh wild mushrooms, ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions

Autumn: nuts, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin

Winter: scarlet runner beans, beetroots, sauerkraut, endives