grazer krauthäuptel

Ein steirisches Produkt

There are not many vegetables that owe their name to a city: the Grazer Krauthäuptel, an aristocrat among lettuces, is one of them.

The Grazer Krauthäuptel really does get its name from the area where it’s grown: Graz has 800 (!) city farmers, by far the most of any urban area in Austria. Since time immemorial, fruit has been planted and vegetables harvested here, wine pressed, schnapps distilled and pumpkin-seed oil milled. And it’s the same story in the hilly countryside to the west, south and east of Graz. Here in the ‘garden of Austria’ there are countless small farms – large-scale agriculture has never got a foothold here. The farmers of Styria realised long ago how precious their specialities are: the most important thing for them is quality. Their wonderful produce stands up to comparisons with any across the world. And all of these fantastic ingredients from gardens, fields, pastures and vineyards are also supplied to the buschenschanks, pubs and restaurants of Graz - and so to your plate.  

Fact: You can find the Grazer Krauthäuptel lettuce on the Graz farmers’ markets and in food shops from March through to November.