styrian horseradish

Horse radish

Ganz schön scharf - ein steirisches GenussRegions Produkt

Horseradish not only imparts an intense flavour to many traditional Styrian cold dishes, it is also extremely healthy. For many centuries it has been used as a herbal remedy. It contains twice as much vitamin C as citrus fruits and so makes an excellent cure for a cold. Its essential oils are released when the horseradish is grated, giving the root the unmistakable ‘biting’ hotness that can bring tears to the eyes of any grown man.   

In Styria, horseradish mainly accompanies the traditional ‘Brettljause’ – a selection of hams, pâtés and sausages served on a wooden board and the Easter celebration ‘Osterjause’, with its hard-boiled eggs, fragrant hams and sweet white bread. Creative cooks also conjure many other starters and main courses, side dishes, spreads and salads from this very special root.